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Copyright Information

Any material (be it text, images, data, or design elements) not originated by the webmaster of this site is credited with an appropriate notice unless deemed "public domain" by the original copyright holder.

Regarding the photos displayed in the photo galleries for this site:

  • All photos, with the exception of those in the Miscellaneous and School photo galleries and selected others, are the original property of the site owner and the copyright of PDG Pro Serivces.

  • The photos in the Miscellaneous and School photo galleries were gathered from various public domain/freeware sources or scanned in and do not infringe on any known copyright for the use of these images.

  • Any use of the photos in this site by someone else must be accompanied by a credit for PDG Pro Services as the originator.

  • The copyright stamp, if applied, should not be removed from the photos.

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